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Due to the success of BEAUCHE INTERNATIONAL, there are lots of imitations of beauche products floating in the market.
These imitators, aside from using our similar name / logo, had even copied our designs and color - pink.
Some unscrupulous merchants are even claiming that their products have the same quality as beauche.

BEAUCHE International has no sister company and don’t carry any other products and brand names,
as to what competitors are claiming; that their brand are the same as beauche and has the same
formulation and efficacy; that BEAUCHE doesn’t change it’s color motif to green or any other color.
These are the strategies of unscrupulous merchants to deceive and capture existing BEAUCHE users and dealers.
Beware of fake and imitations; Buy only to authorized BEAUCHE dealers/distributor!

📱Viber/WhatsApp/Txt: +61478531949

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