Luxxe Slim *60 Capsules
  • Luxxe Slim *60 Capsules
  • Luxxe Slim *60 Capsules
  • Luxxe Slim *60 Capsules
  • Luxxe Slim *60 Capsules
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LUXXE SLIM L CARNITINEs primary role is to transport fatty acid into energy, major source of energy for the muscle including the heart. Also enhances the effectiveness of vitamin C and E. could be instrumental for the treatment of diabetes, kidney and liver disease. In the strictest sense, L-carnitine is not an amino acid but a substance related to the B vitamins.

Its primary role is to help transport fatty acids into the energy producing units in the cells – the mitochondria, where they can be converted into energy. This is a major source of energy for the muscles, including those of the heart.

As such, carnitine increases the use of fat as an energy source. Thus L-Carnitine is a widely known product as an aid for weight loss.

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Luxxe Slim *60 Capsules
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